Conference Videos

Presentation from the European Commission

– Mrs. Bettina Doeser 
Directorate General Environment, EU

Opening of The Conference

– Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson, 
The minister of Environment, Energy and Climate 

National Overview of the WFD- Progress in the Nordic countries

– Sigrún Ágústsdóttir
Environment Agency of Iceland

– Tor Simon Pedersen
The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment-

– Signhild Nerheim
Water Management at Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
– Johan Kling
Water Resources Management

– Turo Hjerppe
Ministry of Environment 

– Nanna Granlie Vossen
Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Water governance and sector integration

Experiences and lessons learned from the first Swedish DMP – drought management plan.

– Irene Bohman
South Baltic water district authority

Collaborative water management across England – An overview of the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) 

– Damian Crilly
Strategic Catchment Partnerships at the Env. Agency of the UK

– Dr. Rob Collins
Rivers Trust and Chair of the CaBA National Support Group

Legal implications of the WFD

– Kirsten Vielwerth
Ministry of the Environment of Denmark

Water Governance: an OECD perspective

– Oriana Romano
Water Governance and Circular Economy of OECD. Cities, Urban Policies, and Sustainable Development Division. Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities

Setting WFD objectives in N2000 sites

– Ann-Karin Thorén
Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

LIFE IP Rich Waters: Creating momentum for implementation of the WFD in Sweden

– Rosita Ericsson
Life IP Rich Waters

Outputs from research projects and new technologies

The MERLIN project for mainstreaming river and wetland restoration in Europe

– Dr. Sebastian Birk
Merlin restoration project

Securing biodiversity, functional integrity & ecosystem services in DRYing rivER networks (DRYvER)

– Thibault Datry
French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE) –Department of Waters

Safeguard Biodiversity and improve Climate Adaptation in catchment areas under pressure: tools and  Solutions (SABICAS)

– Dr. Benjamin Kupilas

Environmental design of regulated rivers to maintain hydro-morphological processes and biodiversity

– Atle Harby
SINTEF Energy research

The practical application of the ‘nature-based’ approach in river management: multi-scale case study on the Andakílsá River, Iceland’

– Dr. Hamish Moir
Cbec restoration in Scotland. Presentation on restoration of Andakílsá river in Borgarnes, Iceland